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Class Descriptions

A one hour specially programmed class which includes strength, skill and conditioning components. A warm up is also included and we recommend that you come in 10 minutes before each class to perform some individual mobility. 

This class is for new members. We take you through all the fundamental movements in CrossFit to ensure that you can safely perform each movement.

Open Gym
Open Gym is for members to come and practice movements, work on technique, work on mobility or complete the daily workout in your own time. There will be a coach there for guidance but some independence is required. 

CrossFit Sweat
All the CrossFit movements but with lighter weights and no barbells. No intro needed.

CrossFit Teens
Classes for 8-10 Year olds and 11-15 Year olds. No intro needed.

Rest days are important! We have rest days on Thursdays and Sundays to let your body recover.